How We Do It

KSL Media is a privately owned, media driven marketing services organization with a decidedly entrepreneurial flair. We are dedicated to mid-market clients who share our zeal for taking on and beating the big guys, and we understand our clients’ focus on profitability.


KSL has been in business since 1981 and has $600 million+ in annual billings, making it the second largest independent media services company in America. We have full service offices in New York and Los Angeles, and satellite offices in Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami. KSL's media investments are as diverse as our client experience, with millions invested annually across all media channels, including a strong and growing percentage in digital and third screen mobile media.


KSL’s mission is to help mid market clients find and retain their most valuable customers through advanced customer and media analytics that reveal a customer’s 24 hour media consumption patterns. Because we are fully integrated in our disciplines, bringing together traditional, digital, and direct response media for both branding and for customer acquisition programs, we offer clients a hybrid approach, creating synergy across media as opposed to the "siloed" offering of many media companies.


KSL’s approach results in far more targeted and effective media and customer acquisition programs that strictly adhere to ROI guidelines. Our multi-disciplined method reaps advantages for our clients in the area of buying as well, where we enable cross platform opportunities between digital and traditional media, as well as leverage our direct response rates against our general market rates in what we call "Hybrid Buying."


We work with clients in most categories including luxury, spirits, healthcare and consumer packaged goods, but one of our greatest strengths is in retail, where there is accountability on a daily basis. This level of accountability informs the way we service all of our clients. Our retail experience spans decades, as well as a variety of categories. We are currently working for specialty retailers such as The Guitar Center, Anna’s Linens, Town Sports International, Borders, Merle Norman and Anchor Blue and have previously worked with BevMo!, Office Depot, Eddie Bauer, Casual Corner, Jiffy Lube, and others.


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