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How We Do It

See why these challenger brands are no longer quite so challenged.

The goals were lofty to say the least – introduce Grey Goose, an expensive French vodka, to an all-new super-premium vodka category. Oh yeah, and in the process, make Grey Goose the             category’s most desired brand.

We began by developing a baked-from-scratch strategy – something totally new and one-of-a-kind. Without giving too much away, we recommended going after a small, select target capable of creating a big bang. And we recommended going after them from all angles.

To pull the strategy off, we built a promotionally driven print plan in high-profile titles, complete with intense added-value event exposure and creative in-book executions.

We developed a program that engaged the trade, press, and consumers via direct mail, online,
in-book sections, and event marketing.  For instance, we gained exclusive pouring rights at ultra-exclusive, high-buzz Fashion Week parties in NYC.

We sidestepped broadcast’s alcohol restrictions by producing the “Grey Goose 19th Hole” TV show for our client, which ran on the Golf Channel and showed Grey Goose bottles and logos throughout.

And we co-produced “The Iconoclasts” with The Sundance Channel to reach the people who rarely watch TV, but when they do create a tremendous buzz.

Sales went from 80K cases in 1999 to over 2.5 million in 2005. Grey Goose became the fastest-growing distilled spirit in history. It became the gold standard among the target audience and the vodka category. Sidney Frank Importing sold Grey Goose to Bacardi in 2004 for a record $2.4 billion. And “The Grey Goose 19th Hole” still airs on the Golf Channel and is their 2nd highest-rated program.