How We Do It

Some of our services will have you rethinking the definition of “media company”.

Customer and Media Analytics

We have proprietary tools that allow us to work with your own customer data to create the profile of your best prospect. We then apply media analytics to best determine how to reach and influence these prospects and turn them into customers. And once they become customers, we develop powerful CRM programs to help you keep them.


Direct Response
Branding messages and response mechanisms, delivered in one media program — what a concept. And that’s not just some wild ad claim. From the planning to the buying to the monitoring phase, our direct response media programs are designed to deliver trackable, measurable results that can also enhance your branding efforts (there´s that accountability thing again).


Hybrid Buying

Taking the direct response and branding aspects and pushing them to the limit, we have developed a unique way of buying. Our Hybrid Buying capabilities will leverage lower DR rates against general market rates and deliver for you the perfect blend of impact, flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness without sacrificing quality.


Interactive Services
If folks are online checking you out, chances are they’re on the brink of taking the plunge. We can give them a convincing nudge by developing, executing and monitoring effective online programs ranging from social networking campaigns to search engine optimization.


Media Promotions
By developing energized, relevant sponsored events, we can help you open up true face-to-face, right-place-at-the-right time dialogues with potential customers. And in the process, take the concept of “engagement” to a new level.


Product Integration
In a world of zapping, channel surfing and DVRs, we help clients work their products and messages right into the programming content.  So if people are tuned into the show, they’re tuned into you.


Program Development/Production
In some cases, we’ll even create and produce TV programs and series that are based around the lifestyle of a product. Rather than “Product Integration,” it’s more like “Mindset Integration.”


Corporate Trade
Do you have assets that are undervalued? You may be able to use them to fund parts of your media and marketing programs., We have helped many companies like yours compete against competitors with deeper pockets by utilizing your assets more strategically.