How We Do It

We don´t spend your media budget, we invest it.

Every dollar you spend counts. (And hurts.) We get it, we know. That’s why we approach media the way your financial planner approaches your personal portfolio. It’s also why we’ve developed Media Portfolio Management® Planning and Buying, our proprietary 5-step method of developing smart, unique media plans and buys. Plans that wisely consider and allocate your media investments across any and all media that gives you a competitive edge. It not only assures you of getting the ultimate ROI, it helps make us accountable. As in, the buck stops here. Take a look at how it works.

Everybody starts out asking questions. At KSL, we use a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative, look-under-every-rock discovery tool that provides us with insight into:

  • Your business and culture
  • Your past programs
  • What the numbers say…a thorough review of your research, our research and industry research
  • Your current and future goals
  • Your competition

We then help you determine exactly who your best customer is. How? By looking at your own data and comparing it t the massive amounts of data that exists in order to determine the exact “clusters your customers belong to. We map these clusters demographically, psychographicallly, geographically, down to street address and then overlay that with their media consumption preferences on a daily basis.

The results of this first step become our base for developing your strategic media plan.

Before we can jump in and start developing a sound media portfolio, we need to build a smart, thorough strategic plan. One that’s based on zero-based thinking, a clean-slate approach, an understanding of your business, your customers, and their media consumption habits. From there we can apply our expertise and creativity — and begin to outsmart the out-spenders. Here is also where we establish very specific goals that we can measure and determine what and how to invest against them.

OK, we now have the learning, the direction, the ideas, and our uncanny media sense. Now your Media Investment Plan can take shape. And every dollar you invest can be maximized, because every plan we develop is run through our Media Portfolio Management Allocator (our version of an optimizer), which recognizes not only the value of the media, but the impact of the message. The way we see it, the two are inseparable. (How could it be otherwise?)

This is the point where your actual buy takes place. Which is no time for the Juniors to step in. At least that’s not what happens at KSL. In fact all of our purchases are executed by cross trained senior market specialists who buy in our unique “hybrid” manner. Our hybrid buyers combine the rates of DR and the fixed position and value add of general market buying, allowing us to negotiate the optimal schedule for our clients. So they know how to make your money show a greater return by

  • Negotiating “Below Radar Pricing and Placement”
  • Monitoring their buy on a real-time basis
  • Ensuring that you are getting more for your money — as promised
  • Asking for things that others haven't considered — and aren't commonly available

We call this step Assessment because we employ Media Diagnostics to:

  • Evaluate how the buy performed against goals
  • Analyze how the entire plan delivered against overall objectives

But it’s more like Assess and Fine Tune. And Add To. And Monitor. And Tweak. And Then Some. Because like your brand, the process is on-going. And so is our job, which is not just to deliver superior returns on your media investment, but to grow your brand. (Like we’ve said, from our point of view that is our ultimate responsibility.)