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Members of the acerno online shopping data cooperative share the understanding that shopping data is the most accurate descriptor of consumer characteristics and interests, and the only reliable predictor of what they will buy next. This understanding comes with a benefit for consumers, too: relevant advertising.


acerno is the only ad network that joins hundreds of multi-channel retail and product manufacturer websites in the industry’s only online shopping data cooperative. Each co-op member contributes anonymous data to acerno’s predictive models about what their shoppers actually browse, add to cart and buy. This earns them access to the most comprehensive source of what over 140-million US online shoppers (known only by anonymous user IDs) are in-market for and when they’re likely to buy. acerno’s predictive models accurately target and influence 100 percent of US online shoppers—precisely when they are in-market—enabling co-op members to enjoy early access to everyone shopping for whatever they sell.


acerno’s co-op members don’t know one another, but the results of their cooperation rise up from the bottom line. Alone they reach their own, but collectively acerno’s members serve every US online shopper. Multiplying everyone’s access to more shoppers and more intelligence about what they’re likely to buy next.


brandmarketerscooperate to increase consumer consideration for their products. Time and time again, acerno campaign results confirm that descriptive audiences based on shopping data yield better response than other online advertising programs—verifying that they are reaching the right audience with their messages.


retailerscooperate to amplify their promotion of these products for sale. Generating one incremental sale after another, adding up until online advertising with acerno becomes their new sales channel.


publisherscooperate to maximize profits on their valuable inventory. acerno only serves ads for trusted brands and pays premiums for placement—wherever and whenever publishers make it available.


consumersreact positively to relevant advertising. By trusting that acerno adheres to the strictest privacy standards, consumers trade irrelevant, noisy advertising for premium ads that offer more savings, upgrades and improvements—right when they are thinking about buying something new.


The bottom line: cooperating with acerno just adds up.





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"Alone they reach their own, but collectively acerno's members serve every US online shopper."